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Damn, this Stim Thug pre workout is 🔥 , I for sure felt the therobromine, my focus sharpened, allowing me to concentrate on form, technique, and pushing my limits, I hit 30’s like butter for my dumbbell shoulder press. The substantial endurance, improved stamina, and vascularity were present throughout my whole workout. The repetitions came quickly, and the contractions felt more robust with each movement. I’m really really surprised that is was non-exhaustive and didn’t contain a crash or drop in energy later in the day since it’s 350mg of caffeine. I even went back to the gym for a second round of cardio! The watermelon peach flavor was perfect too, it didn’t even taste like pre. Thank you again for the recommendation.

Endless Energy !

Endless Energy !


This was my first time trying this product and it did not disappoint first of all the taste wow !!! I did not expect it to be this bomb I got the strawberry berry cone flavor and im absolutely hooked I drank it during my leg day workout and I noticed myself feeling less fatigued during my sets not to mention I was ecstatic when I noticed that the next day I felt way less lethargic than I tend to feel after a tough leg day I’m definitely repurchasing!



Elizabeth Cervantes

I just have to share about the AMAZING customer service I received by Gustin, the owner. He took a special trip to the shop to sell me his last certificate on a day he was supposed to be closed. He didn't make me feel rushed and made the interaction feel very personable. It was my first time calling and coming in!! I recommend you get your nutritional supplements from this business for sure!!

Great Customer Service!

Great Customer Service!

Tisha Miranda


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